Frequently Asked Questions
You can find all aswers here if you need them

Anyone looking to sell a house quickly but also want to avoid stress, hidden fees, and commissions.


Here is a list of reasons people sell to us:

  • Inheriting a property that needing to be sold fast.
  • Problematic renters residing in the property.
  • Job Relocation.
  • Divorce.
  • Late mortgage payments leading to possible foreclosure.
  • Expensive structural or repairs needed.
  • Packing up and moving, leaving the cleaning, painting, and repairing for someone else.
  • The home is a problem that you want someone else to solve.

If you’re in a situation like these, or anywhere between, Contact us today we can help.

we are looking to buy houses that are in fair to poor condition or, homes that lack mass market appeal i.e. a “pig with lipstick”:

  • Houses with structural damage such as foundation, plumbing, electrical dangers, or roofing problems.
  • Houses with late mortgage payments or the remaining balance on the home is too high for the owner to manage.
  • Houses that are located in areas prone to hazardous weather or natural disasters.
  • Houses that are no longer a good fit for the homeowner, too big and not wheelchair enabled, too small because you have recently added to the family or need a bigger backyard.
  • Houses located in low Income or high-crime neighborhoods.
  • Houses involved in a tragedies, divorce, or Death.

Contact us. We are local and were interested in all investment opportunities in Arizona, we buy house in good or bad condition.

We use a quick yet dynamically simple process which creates a stress-free experience for the seller:

SCHEDULE A VISIT. Provide us with some basic information about your home for sale. This can be done via Call, Text, ### and email or you can submit the information by filling out the form on our website.

CASH OFFER. We’re local to Arizona, so we’ll contact you directly to arrange a meeting. Well answer questions during this meeting while analyzing the home and surrounding neighborhood, After market conditions are assessed you’ll either receive a cash offer or help increasing your houses total market appeal.

CLOSING WITH CASH. There is ZERO-obligation to accept our cash offer. Upon accepting our offer you’ll receive a closing timeline based on your desired closing schedule.

We are local real estate investors who will pay market value for your house but we will not pay retail prices seeing as how we inherit all of the issues associated with the property, which requires our time, energy and money to get the house back on the market with mass appeal. During our dynamic property survey, we will answer any questions you may have while analyzing the property, and surrounding neighborhood. Once we have a clear picture of cost minus repairs and market values after a full renovation, we will offer you best cash offer with ZERO-obligation to accept.

We buy at or below market value, but never at fully renovated prices. Selling you home to Redox Realty provides the seller with multiple solutions. including the following:

  • If you DON’T want to work with a realtor or DON’T like PAYING realtor commissions.
  • We calculate and cover normal closing costs.
  • We pay with all cash, so you never worry about long financing approvals or stressful bank processes when you sale your house to Redox Realty.
  • We buy Arizona homes “as is,” which means you walk away from any repairs, with cash for trash without ever having to clean.
  • You choose when we CLOSE, which is when you get paid.

Here is your chance to walk away from the problem, we can close in as little as three weeks.

Our team will conduct a property survey before making a cash offer, including the following:

The current condition of your house.

The estimated cost of repairs and renovations.

The fully renovated value of your house compared to other similar size fully renovated homes in the area.

Holding cost, and the cost of maintaining the home until it’s sold, insurance, utilities, taxes, etc.

The future value “Fully Renovated value” minus the costs above, is generally how we estimate the best cash offer.

Yes. We buy condos, townhouses, and some commercial properties.

After you accept our cash offer, we can close in around 4 weeks or FEWER.

Nothing, we will buy your unwanted, unrepaired, unpainted, trashed house. Let us help you with your problematic house.

During the pandemic were growing faster than ever, so no matter the market conditions, were always looking for homes in Arizona to buy. Were a Local trusted business so we have the ability to go from viewing to cash offer to close way faster than the big franchise’s, this also give us the edge to be more competitive with our cash offers.

Contact us or submit your property online. We are a local business, so as soon as we receive your property information, we will schedule a viewing of the home, followed by a cash offer usually on the same day.

No. When we come out to view your home there is Zero obligation to accept our cash offer. During our viewing of the home we will answer any questions, while thoroughly walking you through our process after our offer your welcome to accept or decline with Zero-obligation afterwards.(Can be Conducted Contactless)

Redox Realty’s simple yet dynamic process allows us to get you cash fast after you accept our offer. Generally in 4 weeks or Fewer.

Yes, because of our dynamic process we’re able to close faster than banks like, chase, and wells Fargo, allowing us to get cash in your hand before you miss another payment giving you the chance to avoiding a horrible foreclosure on your credit.

Yes, each situation is very different, and we go on a case by case, basis. Contact us today so we can help you avoid a foreclosure.