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We are cash investors who buy homes directly from home owners to speed up and simplify the home selling/buying experience.
If your selling your home, we get your house on and off the market as fast as possible. We help home owners sell their houses fast and in almost any circumstance. If you don’t have the time, energy or resources to get your house in perfect selling condition, we’ll get it sold fast as-is, our team can stage the home, create high definition resolution photos, walkthrough videography, drone footage, and 3d scans, 3D tours, 2D floor plans with 3D digital doll house model, making your property look the best it can, increasing its market appeal to other investors, retail buyers and land developer.

Try to Sell your house on Zillow, Redfin or craigslist for sale by owner on can be a hassle, as well as a waste of time, and a lot of money just to watch it sit on their website for 30+ days. We are experts at dynamic planning and strategizing, and our innovative processes allows us to help in most situations. We’re Arizona’s Most reliable Dynamic and Innovative Home Buyers. We provide a cutting edge solution to selling your home.

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Dynamic solutions during tough times.

Redox Realty is able to thrive during the Pandemic because we are innovative problem solvers but not everyone has been as fortunate and we understand that sometimes things get tough. Were here to assist, so if you’ve been effected by the pandemic or you’ve recently lost a love one and inherited a house, that you have no idea how to sale we can help. If the current economy has caused you to loss your job we can help you get cash for your home quick– we help homeowners find a fast beneficial solution, allowing them to sell faster. We can help you avoid foreclosure, we also offer moving assistance, to expedite the process and lighten the burden.

Selling your home can be costly if not done correctly, it can cost you time and money trying to fix your home, while calculating and paying sales commissions on top of scheduling and hosting showings. We offer 2 simple yet highly effective options. Option 1 will help you add more market appeal to your home without adding extra repair expenses, we start with staging the home for the appropriate demographic, we’ll then take professional architectural photos, while creating a virtual video tour and drone footage of the property and surrounding areas. Our 3d scans will then provide you with Cad files for the property as well as a 3D tour, 2D floor plans and a digital 3 dimensional doll house model of the property. Option 2 is the fast and simple, we can make you a cash offer for your house to purchase the home “as is.” which means you walk away with cash and no burden you don’t have to spend anymore time or money, allowing you to move on with your life sooner rather than later.

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Everyone sells their home for different reasons but our dynamic process gives us the ability to help homeowners no mater the scenario. During our initial consultation we’ll discuss your plans for the home, and if selling would be more beneficial than increasing market appeal. We’ll then assess the home, while taking HDR Photos and videos of the property. our 3D scan of the house will provide us with all the necessary information needed to get the best cash offer fast. We’ll analyze the neighborhoods demographics and create drone footage of the property and surrounding neighborhood with places of interest and shopping center highlights, allowing us to determine market conditions. Understanding the latter gives us the ability to thoroughly answer all of your questions during the first meeting, often ending with a cash offer.

When you sell to us , not every experience is the same, but every experience is just as great. We offer homeowners a unique yet simple solution to sale their home fast for cash while walking them through every step of our process.

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Were not just an all cash home buyer, were a dynamic team of problem solvers, we’re the solution, you’ve been looking for.

Redox Realty is local and we are experts at helping homeowners solve tough problems, during tough times, we strive to set you up for future success.

We buy house in Arizona, contact us today if your a homeowner looking for a fast cash offer or if you’re looking to increase your properties market appeal before selling. Call us at #### or complete our contact form below. It absolutely FREE to meet us and there Zero obligation to accept our cash offer.

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