Distressed Homes

We Buy Distressed, Neglected, & Damaged Houses

We buy bad looking homes. We purchase homes that most people run from or what you would call a major fixer upper or abandoned, vandalized, or structurally damaged. We are Real estate investors who buy the homes that no one else wants because we see the potential and have the time and money to address any issues the property may have.

Sell us your home even if it looks like a haunted house-The scarier the better

Does your home look like its about to fall apart or undeveloped? Sell us your home if its, condemned uninhabitable or unwanted – If you have a troubled home that’s been through tough times, we can offer you a good cash offer for your troubles.

We Help Rebuild Communities– By Helping Families avoid foreclosure & While buying and fixing unwanted Real Estate-

We can help families and realtors sell their problematic homes with little to no Market Appeal, which means they are nearly impossible to sell. we can also help rebuild communities. We buy unwanted homes that have been abandoned, damaged, or destroyed and we have them restored. By purchasing, owning, fixing, and repurposing properties. we will help rebuild communities increase neighborhood property values helping them thrive!

How and why do we buy unwanted or problematic homes?

We are a team of professional investors and experts who will look at your home for its greatest potential. Plus, we are not dependent on bank financing, we have developed dynamic funding strategies for buying problematic homes. In this current economic climate, during Coronavirus and after most lenders have tightened their lending criteria and would never finance a home with problematic or unlivable conditions, we use our creative financing strategies to make you a quick cash offer for your properties including those that;

 o            are functionally obsolete

o             are in a terrible or dangerous neighborhood

o             are more than 50 years old

o             are structurally unsound

o             are uninhabitable

o             are vacant and boarded up

o             have asbestos

o             have been condemned

o             have been damaged by fire or flood

o             have been vandalized

o             have fallen down

o             have mold

o             have outdated plumbing and electrical systems