Hoarding House

Do You Have a “Hoarding Home” In Your Family?

Selling Hoarding homes can be a horrible experience – Filled with trash, filth, or personal belongings these homes have been abandoned, or were previously occupied by a “hoarder.”

What exactly Is Hoarding?

Popularized by the A&E Network, Lifetime series “Hoarders,” Hoarding is a real life debilitating mental illness that requires therapy. When a person is unable to part with even the tiniest possessions, and the cumulative effect becomes a mountain of junk and garbage overtaking their homes and lives. It is quite common in people who have live alone for extensive periods of time, especially those amongst seniors.

How “Hoarding” Destroys Homes

We buy homes that have been owned by hoarders  – Which means the home can’t be shown or walked through because either trash or personal belongings have been piled from the floor to the ceiling, possibly blocking doorways and room accessibility. Piles of trash and stacks of papers can easily catch on fire being a major fire hazard, Cigarette butts and rotting food can spell or soak into carpets and baseboards causing foul smells that are nearly impossible to remove while also attracting pest and insects. Old appliances, and old furniture can block doorways, outlets, and widows while posing as an even greater electrical hazard that can lead to fires or electrocution. The home then becomes a health and safety hazard ultimately making it nearly impossible to sell.

Selling a Hoarding Home is nearly Impossible…

Trying to Sell ugly homes during our current economic climate requires a lot of time, money, and resources. Trying to sale a dirty, smelly, health hazardous home with no – walking space for walkthrough viewings is nearly impossible. If you or a loved one is currently trying to sell a property for financial reasons that was or is occupied by a hoarder, Contact us at Redox Realty, we can help get you a quick cash offer.

Hoarding Homes are Expensive to Restore

Homes destroyed or effected by hoarding can sometimes prove to be very costly projects when it comes to fixing the deterioration and increasing the homes “Market Appeal” for retail buyers. Redox Realty has experts that specialize in buying and selling all types of real estate, we also have a decent amount of available cash reserves for expensive restorations if needed. We buy hoarding homes in Arizona no matter the health hazards or hidden problems. Contact us today and we can help you avoid the hassle and burden of selling a home previously or currently owned by a Hoarder.