Pre-foreclosure and Foreclosure

We can Help you avoid Foreclosure

During tough times most people try their hardest to maintain financial security but sometimes the situation proves to be overwhelmingly problematic leading to a foreclosure. If you are close to or currently in foreclosure, Contact us today and we can provide you with dynamic ways to avoid a short sale or foreclosure.

Have you Consider Short Selling?

If your home is currently in foreclosure, Redox Realty can help you overcome and avoid a foreclosure during these difficult times which would ruining your credit. When a home is in Pre-foreclosure sometimes the best and most profitable option is to short sale, the quick selling of your home will save your credit and your peace of mind

Homeowners – Know your Rights!

When making important financial decision It is especially important to know your rights and options as a homeowner. Redox Realty understands that everyone’s situation is unique, so we take the time to understand the important details of your situation while also providing you with a clear and concise explanation of the short sale process.

Settle your Debt with a Quick Short Sale!

Luckily, Arizona is a “no-recourse” state which is important to know when it comes to short sales. This mean that is done correctly and your house is smaller than 2 ½ acres the remaining debt can be settled if you are in the first title position. Contact us today and we can help you, we are the solution you have been Googling for and we can help you avoid a foreclosure on your credit.

Timing is Everything! During a Foreclosure.

During the Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure process timing is particularly important and it can be the difference between homelessness and going on a much-needed vacation with some extra spending cash. If you are worried about a pending foreclosure ruining your credit – or worse making you homeless – Contact us today for a free zero obligation survey of your home where we can assess the property and provide you with our expert opinion, guidance and or a Cash offer!